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Building interior with new insulationIf you are looking for K-13 insulation services, rely on United Thermal Systems. We have experience in installing a variety of insulation products for commercial and industrial buildings all over Western New York. K-13 is an excellent choice for buildings that require thermal insulation and acoustical insulation. This natural texture requires no more additional barriers and meets the requirements for thermal insulation. 

K-13 is made from recycled natural cellulose fibers mixed with a binding chemical adhesive. Much like your typical spray in place insulation, K-13 is sprayed into the desired area, creating dead air space between fibers, filling cracks and providing a quality thermal barrier.  

K-13 has a high R-value, making it an efficient choice for thermal insulation. Of course, the added benefit for K-13 insulation is its acoustical insulation qualities. For loud facilities or industrial buildings, having insulation that eats up sound can be a tremendous benefit. 

More Benefits:

  • Durability: K-13 insulation does not need mechanical support to hold itself in place. Installation can last decades.
  • Color Options: Since this insulation is typically exposed, having the option to use different colors can be a great benefit to help match building colors or theme. 
  • Versatility: This foam can be sprayed onto any surface, making it extremely useful for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Since this insulation is made with 80% recycled materials, it is more green than other forms of insulation. The adhesives don’t decrease the indoor air quality. 

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For more information on the advantages of K-13 insulation and to find out if your needs are a good fit for the product, give us a call. We are the premier K-13 insulation service in the Western New York area.

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