K-13 Insulation Contractor for Buffalo, NY

Are you looking for an exposed spray foam insulation? K-13 Insulation has an attractive natural texture while providing acoustic and thermal insulation. We have many years of experience with installing all different types of insulation throughout residential and commercial buildings in Buffalo, NY. 


What is K-13 Made of? 

K-13 Insulation is made up of recycled natural cellulose fibers which are then mixed with an adhesive. After thorough mixing, K-13 is sprayed onto the surface which will provide an aesthetically pleasing sound and thermal barrier. 


What are the Benefits of K-13 insulation?

  • Resilience: It does not need mechanical support to hold itself in place. Installation can last decades.
  • Color Options: This insulation is usually exposed, with a very attractive natural texture, having the option to use different colors can be a great benefit to help match building colors or themes. 
  • Universal: This foam can be sprayed onto any surface, which is extremely useful for many commercial and industrial projects. 
  • Green: This insulation is made with 80% recycled materials, which makes it more eco-friendly than other forms of insulation. 

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