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Riverdale Cemetery - Mausoleum Roofing

Riverdale Cemetery Mausoleum had a leaking roof and because of the way the structure was built using granite, they at some time in the past installed a asphalt built-up roofing syatem over a portion of the structure to help mitigate water intrusion into the building.  The roofing was failing and needed replacement.  In the areas of the roof that remained exposed granite, the structural waterproofing sealant was failing allowing water to enter through failed seams.

One of the board of directors knew that United Thermal System installed spray foam roofing systems and asked us to visit this site to determine if foam could be a viable solution to solve their leaking issues.  We visited the site and suggested that the built-up roof receive a layer of spray foam and silicone coating and the remaining flat granite roofing surfaces receive seam treatment and then a layer of silicone coating.

The completed roofing exceeded the owner's expectations and the cemetery can now have the mausoleum tennants rest in "peace".