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70 Degree Temperature Difference

Visone Development - Clarence NY

Spray Foam Metal Roofing

The owner of Visone Development was looking for a way to save their rusting and leaking metal roof. Due to the light gauge metal that was originally installed, the roof had deteriorated and rusted to the point that a full roof replacement would be necessary whether by 100% removal, or by installing a second metal skin over the existing metal roofing.  After exploring the cost options, he started looking for other alternative ways to re-roof his facility.

His research led him to United Thermal System's website where he was able to see foam roofing examples similar to what he was experiencing and contacfed us to look at his roofs to determine if spray foam roofing could be a solution to their problem

After inspecting the roof with a foam manufacturer, it was deemed that this property would meet the standards for this type of roofing application.  We proposed spray applying 1-1/2" thick) spray foam which would seal and insulate his roof and then apply a 96% solids silicone roof coating over the new foam, and embed 3M ceramic roofing granules into the top layer of coating.  We also provided him with a Manufacturer's 10-Year "Systems" warranty.

The owner decided to proceed with this installation and was surprised when the temperatures on the inside of the building were dropping amidst an exterior temperature of 86~94 degrees.  The skin tempetature of the untreated roof measured 163 degrees and after the foam was applied, it was reduced to 91 degrees ( a 70 degree difference) !

The owner, Lou Visone, was very pleased with not only the aesthetic properties of the finished roof, but the immediate impact of being 100% waterproof and temperature reduction to the tennants below.  The tennant is looking forward to reduced heating utility costs for the upcoming and future winters here in WNY.