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Buffalo Federation Neighborhood Center SPF Roofing

Buffalo Federation Neighorhood Center Interior Ceiling Insulation

The Center was undergoing a complete renovation of the office on the second floor and when they investigated the roof insulation properties they found out why their heating bills were so high, there was no insulation!

Since the roofing substrate was concrete, the Center was forced to consider re-roofing to add insulation but since the roofing was not very old it would be too expensive to remove it to add insulation then re-roof it again.  They began looking at alternative methods of insulating the building from the "inside".  Being a concrete substrate, it would be extremely difficult to attach most insulation materials to meet an R-49 that was required by code.

The Architect researched various alternative methods and concluded that spry foam insulation with its high R-value could be sprayed directly to the underside of the concrete roof saving the customer the large expense of re-roofing and allowing the progression of the construction to proceed without any major scheduling changes.

A total of 7" thick Closed-Cell foam was sprayed to the underside of the roof to provide the R-49 that was  necessary to meet NYS Building Codes.  A coating of Intumescent Thermal (fire) Barrier coating was then applied over the foam to also meet the Building Code.

The total project was completed in three long days providing the Architect, Owner, and General Contractor with the insulation they needed with no scheduling delays in the remodeling of the offices.