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SPF Roofing in Progress

250 Lake Ave Metal Roof

The corrugated metal roofing had been coated over the years with various roof coatings in an attempt to retard the corrosion of the metal.  While the coating delayed the deterioration, it did not stop it, and the owner being 100% satisfied with over 200,000 s/f of foam roofing installed on his other metal roofs (of the same vintage), decided it was time have United Thermal Systems spray foam and coating on this building to permanently seal and insulate this roof for his new tenant.

The building now houses a process that if water leaked into the building it would cause major damage to their equipment and  raw materials.  Once the roof was installed, the new tenant could begin their operation with the peace of mind that no water would enter the building through the roof.

Spray foam and coatings  can be applied to virtually any roof surface for both waterproofing and insulation.