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Turner Bellows Rochester - 154,000 s/f

Turner Bellows - Rochester, NY Foam Roof Re-coat, 154,280 S/F

Turner Bellows 130,000 s/f existing spray foam roof coating had served its lifespan and needed re-coating to save the roof from requiring a complete "tear-off".  They researched various roofing options and companies that were qualified to undertake such a large complicated project.

Turner Bellows located UTS through their website and asked them to visit their facility to analyze their roofs and what could be done to save them.  UTS is a ISO Certified Roofing Contractor and a member of the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance), and has completed many projects of this size and difficulty, so the owner was comfortable in our capabilities to provide them with the roofing solutions they required.  

UTS performed a thorough inspection of the roofs including performing an Infra-Red survey to determine if any moisture was present and what would be required to rejuvenate their roofs. It was determined that less than 3% of the roofs required the removal and replacement of the existing foam.  The balance of the roofs required pressure washing to provide a clean surface for the new coating.  After cleaning, priming and repairing any miscellaneous minor damages, the existing foam roofing received 24 mils of GACO Western 96% solids, "VOC free" white silicone coating and a layer of white 3M ceramic roofing granules.

After seeing the progress on their existing roofs, the owner asked UTS to spray new foam and coating over an additional 24,000 s/f sloped Modified Bitumen roof that had not been previously been spray foamed to provide them with insulation and waterproofing where they experienced persistent leaks anytime it snowed or rained. 

The owner inspected the completed roofing and was very pleased with the end result and the fact that they will have a roof that will be leak-free for at least the next 20 years.  The cost savings by re-coating the roofs vs. removal and replacement saved Turner Bellows Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, as well as the adding insulation to the new roofing areas saving them additional energy costs.