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Sherwin Williams Store - Buffalo

Sherwin Williams - Buffalo Store

Sherwin Williams on Main St, Buffalo NY was leasing a storefront from a Developer and had some roofing problems with their EPDM rubber roof leaking and shrinking.  The edges of the roof had shrunk and were pulling away from the substrate and in several areas had the rubber seams had split open due to being stretched.  In addition to roofing problems, there were several old style single pane glass skylights that were leaking due to broken glass or rotted glazing as well as being energy inefficient.

This building provided a challenge in solving their roofing problems.  The rubber membrane was cut to relax the rubber and a moisture resistant underlayment board was installed at the edges to secure the roofing.  Spray foam was then used to seal the edges and cover the underlayment board to "seal" any potential leaks.  The balance of the roof was cleaned and a 2-part epoxy roof primer was sprayed to the rubber membrane.  After all of the rubber seams were treated with a reinforced silicone sealer, a layer of 96% solids elastomeric silicone coating was spray-applied to permanently seal the membrane and provide waterproofing.  The leaking skylights received a layer of 1" thick foam to seal and insulate them prior to receiving the same roof coating. 

A full 10-year warranty was given to the property owner who was thrilled with the completed roofing project and that their valued customer, Sherwin Williams, was once again operating in a dry environment.