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G&A Office Roofs

G&A Warehouse Office Roof

In 2011 G&A Warehouse suffered severe damages to their EPDM rubber roof due to high winds and replaced that roof with a new Spray Foam Roofing System.  Since that time they have enjoyed a leak free warehouse.

Unfortunately their 14,000 s/f Office roof that was comprised of the same EPDM rubber Roofing System, experienced the same catastrophy as the warehouse roofs due to a high wind event that delaminated the insulation from the concrete decking and tore the rubber membrane.  They were so satisfied with the warehouse roofing, they chose to install the same foam roofing system to their offices.

The EPDM rubber membrane and all insulation was removed down to the concrete roof substrate.  The deck was cleaned and primed with a two part water based epoxy roof primer, then 3" thick spray foam was applied to form a seamless layer insulation.  Two coats of Gaco Western elastomeric silicone coating was applied over the foam and 3M ceramic roofing granules were added for extended wear protection and to provide a UL-790 Class "A" roofing system.

The owners were very pleased with the completed roofing application and are now assured that their roof will never be "blown-off"  again as this roof system provides an FM I-180 mph wind uplift guarantee.