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Marquardt roof

Marquardt Switches - Cazenovia, NY

WINNER - Best in the Nation Roofing 2018

Marquardt Switches, an International Manufacturer of specialized automobile parts had a metal roof and insufficient insulation was installed on the interior of the building during its construction.  The facility requires precise temperature controls to ensure proper manufacturing standards and the existing insulation was not providing the energy efficiency it demanded.  In addition, due to the insufficient insulation they experienced severe "Ice Damming" on their roofs making it perilous to their employees to walk near the building.  Marquardt researched several ways to provide further insulation to reduce their energy costs as well as allowing them to better control the temperatures inside of their building.

Part of the problem they had found during their research was that additional insulation could not be added on the "inside" of the building due to the manufacturing equipment and disruption of production. The roof was a 3" standing seam metal  limiting the roofing options available to them to the "outside" of the building. Traditional roofing systems would have required a "board" insulation to be mechanically fastened which would have put over 35,000 holes into their roof to secure the insulation and this was not acceptable.

Enter Spray Foam Roofing - With its ability the spray directly to the metal with no penetrations, and providing and additional R-Value of 16.25 by spraying 2-1/2" thick foam, it provided the ideal solution to their problem.  The foam was sprayed using a "robot" providing a smooth finished surface with an even layer of insulation.  The foam was coated with two coats of Gaco Western Elastomeric Silicone roof coating and a layer of 3M ceramic roofing granules was embedded into the top layer of wet coating for extended wear protection.

Almost immediately after applying the foam, their facility manager, Steve Keep was asked to reduce the HVAC cooling inside the facility due to a 7 degree drop in temperature within the insulated area.  The facility was able to save 30KW on ONE HVAC unit alone with the new insulation and are anticipating a substantial drop in energy consumption.  The company also took advantage of the NYSERDA energy credits for upgrading their insulation R-Value which helped to lower the cost of the roofing installation costs.

Steve Keep, the Facilities Manager, was extremely pleased with the completed roofing application and is looking forward to reduced energy costs and no further worries with the "ice-damming" they experienced prior to the new roof installation. This roofing system is now also being considered for their plants in Massachusetts and Mexico.