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Kent Nutrition, Arcade, NY Spray Foamed Walls

Kent Nutrition Exterior Wall Insulation with Spray Foam

Kent Nutrition, a major manufacturer of food for dogs, cats and livestock in Arcade, NY was experiencing condensation on their interior walls during the colder months inside their facility causing damage to the machinery and finished food products in addition to creating a health hazard for the employees.

UTS visited the plant and determined that spray foam insulation was the answer to the problem that they were experiencing and that the normal solution would be to spray foam to the interior metal walls and then apply an Intumescent Thermal (fire) Barrier coating to protect the exposed foam on the interior of the building.  Unfortunately, the inside of this facility was processing food that could not be exposed to any type of contaminant and also there were so many obstructions that it was not the best choice to insulate the building from the interior.  Thinking outside of the "box" was required.  UTS proposed spraying the foam to the exterior of the building and then applying a coating that was specially colored to "match" the existing color of the walls where foam was not going to be applied.

A sample of the color was sent to GACO Western and they were able to match the color exactly.  Spray foam was sprayed to the exterior walls where condensation was causing  them headaches.  After the foam was applied, two coats of blue acrylic elastomeric coating was applied over the foam. 

The customer did not experience any condensation on the walls sprayed with closed-cell polyurethane foam the next fall and winter.  This allowed them to continue to meet USDA standards for food production, reduce their heating utility bills, and stop all employee hazards.  Todd Krotz, the Plant Facilities Manager is completely satisfied with the outcome of the insulation project.