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CEMEX - Pittsburgh, PA

CEMEX, Pittsburgh, PA Silo Roofs

Kaiser Construction LLC had a customer in Pittsburgh PA that had leaking silos roofs and needed a contractor that specialized in Spray Foam Roofing Systems to provide a new roof for this customer.  They reached out to United Thermal Systems asking for pricing to do this project because of their experience with other foam projects involving concrete silo's.

A trip was scheduled to look at the roof conditions and to see what else was needed to provide them with a proposal.  The roof of the silo's was in poor condition and had years of concrete debris and spalling concrete curb bases that needed immediate attention if they were to continue to support the equipment.

A proposal was presented and a contract was approved to clean the roof of all debris, pressure wash the roof surface, spray 1.5" thick 3lb. density closed-cell foam over the roof surface and all equipment curbs, spray two coats of GACO Western 96% solids silicone coating and finally, embed a layer of 3M ceramic granules into the top layer of coating for slip resistance and extended wear-protection.

The customer and General Contractor were impressed with the professionalism of UTS crews and with the finished roofing system that will provide many years of leak-free performance.