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Sheraton Inn, Niagara Falls

Sheraton Inn, Niagara Falls Receives New Roofing

Sheraton Inn located in the heart of the Niagara Falls tourist area had been experiencing a considerable amount of roof leaks in their old EPDM rubber roofing causing a drain on their income because they could not use their guest rooms when it rained.

Sheraton Inn contacted UTS to provide a proposal using GACO Western's Silicone Roof Restoration System over their aged rubber roofing.  A site visit was made and it was determined that this property was an excellent candidate for using this system so a proposal was provided to the customer.

They agreed that not only was the price within their budget, but that the roofing could be installed without disturbing their guests and if it stopped their leaks it would be a win-win situation.  An additional benefit being provided with this system is that with the color being "white", it reduced the roof surface temperatures which in turn reduced the load on their HVAC system.

The preparation of the roofs included pressure washing the roof surfaces using a 4,000 psi pressure washer to remove the dirt and moss that had grown on the roof surfaces.  The roof was then primed with a two-part water based epoxy primer.  All seams of the rubber roof and all penetration seams were treated with a 96% solids fibrated silicone seam-sealer material.

Once the preparation was complete, the entire roof surface, as well as the parapet walls and all HVAC curbs, were sprayed with GACO Western's 96% solids silicone coating to provide a seamless  protective barrier that would protect the hotel from water intrusion. 

The Sheraton Inn can now use their high-end suites without fear of roof leaks and dissatisfied customers.  They stated "This is the 1st time in ten-years we have not had water coming through the roof into the hotel".  They further stated "We are very pleased with the crews of UTS, they were very professional in every aspect of the project, and would highly recommend their roofing services" stated Jeremy Tripp, Facilities Manager.