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New York Mills Schools Gymnasium Foam Roof Recoat

New York Mills Gym Roofing

New York Mills CSD Gymnasium had a foam roof installed in the late 1980's and after 30 years it needed to be recoated.

All repairs were made to any damaged areas, then the roof was then pressure washed to remove 30 years of dirt and then recoated with 22 mils of Gaco Western elastomeric silicone roof coating.  The final coat of silicone also had 3M Co. ceramic roof granules embedded into the coating to extend the life of the foam roofing system.

Now that the roof is re-coated, the school should enjoy a solid roof system for at least 25+ more years before it would need re-coating.  The foam roofing system is the only renewable/sustainable roofing available today!  

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