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Cascades Niagara Falls Warehouse

Cascades International Office Roof, Niagara Falls

Cascades Recovery had run out of storage space at their Niagara Falls facility and found new space available at the old "Nabisco" warehouse in the Falls.  The building was being remodeled to suit their requirements and they found that the 30 year old roof needed some serious attention.

The old PVC sheet roofing had lost all of the top plasticisers and the fabric scrim was exposed. They investigated many different remedies and decided that the solution to their problem suggested by United Thermal Systems of using Gaco Western's 96% solids silicone roofing restoration system met their budget as well as providing a new roofing surface.

The existing roofing walkway pads were removed, the roof was cleaned using a 4,000 psi  pressure washer, all of the seams were treated with a fibrated silicone and the entire roof surface primed with a two-part water based epoxy primer.  One the roof was "prepped" the entire surface received 25 mils of white silicone coating. 

The roof is now watertight and the expected life of the roof coatings applied are 20+ years.  The "before and after" pictures tell the story for this old factory warehouse.