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NO. Tonawanda Water Treatment Plant

North Tonawanda Water Treatment Plant Receives New Roofing

The City of North Tonawanda's water treatment facility Pump Room roofs were 33 years old and were in dire need of replacement due to leaks caused by deteriorated EPDM rubber.

The City had spray foam roofing installed on 4 other roofs at the facility in  2014 and were so impressed by the performance of the spray foam roofs that they chose to use this roofing system on the remaining roofs.

The old EPDM roofing and insulation materials were removed to expose the concrete and metal substrates.  The concrete decks were cleaned and sprayed with a two part epoxy roof primer and the 6:12 pitched roof metal decking received mechanically fastened dens-decking prior to the foam application.  After the roof preparation, 1.5" thick GACO spray foam and Silicone roof coatings were applied to the prepared surfaces.  The spray foam has the capability to transition from a flat surface to a "steep" slope surface without any breaks in the continuity of the foam application providing a monolithic (seamless) insulation application.

The City of North Tonawanda is extremely satisfied with the completion of the new SPF roofing system.