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Superior Materials, Detroit, MI Silo's

Superior Materials Detroit, MI

Superior Materials located in Detroit Michigan saw the concrete silo's  (completed by UTS) for St. Mary's Cement in Buffalo, NY and decided that the foam and coatings application fit their needs exactly.

They were experiencing the same problems as the Buffalo St. Mary's Cement...water entering the tanks through cracks in the 60+ year old silos destroying the powdered cement stored inside of them.  They spoke with the Buffalo facility and determined that the application of foam and coatings completely stopped the water migration at their facility and knew that was the solution to their problems for the Detroit facility.

United Thermal Systems went to Detroit to look at their facility and determined that this application would also be beneficial for this customer.  In August 2105, UTS's crews traveled to Detroit and began the application of 1" thick foam and two coats of acrylic elastomeric coatings to the silo's.  The crews worked 10-12 hour shifts for 10 days to complete the work while the facility was on shut-down.

The owners of the concrete processing facility expressed their thanks for a job completed on-time and within budget, as well as the aesthetically pleasing outcome.