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460 3rd St Niagara Falls Roof Replacement

460 3rd Street, Niagara Falls Apartment Building

This apartment building was undergoing a complete renovation and one of the major projects was the old asbestos laden roofing had outlived it's useful life.  The owners researched roofing systems and decided that the spray foam and silicone coating roofing system would best meet their needs due to the ultra-high R-Value that spray foam provides.

The asbestos roofing materials were removed by a certified asbestos removal company exposing the tongue & groove wood plank decking.  Many of the boards had rotted over the years and required replacement.  A water resistant underlayment board was then mechanically fastened to the substrate prior to the foam application.

Spray foam was applied to the roof surface and to the deteriorated speed-tile parapet walls to seal them and provide the required insulation.  Two coats of silicone elastomeric coating were applied to the foam to provide 24 mils of protection.  Ceramic roofing granules ( 3M Co.) were embedded into the top layer of coating for extended wear protection.

New white metal fascia, parapet wall cap flashing, and a new gutter system were installed to complete the roofing system.