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Rigidized Metals, Buffalo, NY

Rigidized Metals Get a Roof Makeover, Buffalo, NY

Rigidized Metals had been experiencing leaking roofs for more than 2 years as well as having a condensation problem on the interior of the building on their steep sloped metal roofs due to insufficient insulation being installed when the building was erected.

Several options were considered and quotes were obtained from several roofing companies to determine the best and most cost effective solution to remedy their leaking roofs.  Spray foam roofing and a specialized silicone coating made by Gaco Western was their final choice.

The steep 5:12 pitched roofs were under-insulated with fiberglass batt insulation on the interior of the building which was allowing the warm air to form condensation at the metal roof panels causing the interior of the building to "rain" on the inside.  Spray foam was added to the roofs in these areas to increase the insulation R-Value stopping all condensation on the interior surfaces.  The foam was protected with Gaco Western 95% solids silicone coating.

Their low sloped roofs (2:12 pitch) standing seam roofs were newer and had sufficient insulation installed when they were built, but were experiencing leaking due to loose fasteners and rusting of the metal panels which created "pinholes".  The same 95% solids silicone coating that was used over the spray foam wassprayed directly to the properly prepared metal standing seam roofing to waterproof the roof and protect the metal from further deterioration.

The building is now watertight, is better insulated, and now has a leak-proof warranty covering both the foam roof and the metal standing seam roofs that were coated with silicone.