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BGI Millwork, Buffalo, NY

BGI MILLWORK - Lackawanna, NY

BGI Millwork located in Lackawanna, NY receives some of the harshest weather in WNY due to it's proximity to Lake Erie and its famous "Lake Effect" snow storms.  Over the years the weather taken it's toll on their roofs and after searching various re-roofing methods, chose the spray applied foam roofing system for their re-roofing.

One of the deciding factors in BGI's decision to use spray foam was that the existing roof did not need to be removed, (like all other roofing systems), saving them the expense of additional labor and landfill costs.   They also liked the fact that the spray foam was monolithic, (seamless and self-flashing), as they were  experiencing seam failure with the existing roofing system and were constantly patching the seams with Karnak roof cement.

United Thermal Systems pressure washed the roof to remove exiting dirt and then applied a two-part water based epoxy roof primer to the existing roofing surface. All of the existing damaged roof edge fascia and parapet cap metal flashings were removed and replaced with new Kynar finished metal to match the color scheme of their building.  Foam and silicone coatings were then applied to the specified thickness and finally a top layer of coating was sprayed and 3M Co ceramic roofing granules were embedded into the top layer of coating.

The completed roofing application was inspected by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with the specification provided to the customer as well as those of the material Manufacturer, Gaco Western.  The customer received a 10-Year Manufacturer's  "Systems" warranty (100% Materials and Labor NOT Pro-rated).

The customer is very pleased with the outcome of the roofing application and indicated that this was the 1st time in many years that they didn't experience leaking during a rainstorm.  The employees in this section of the plant are excited about having a warm and dry working environment this winter with the addition of the spray foam insulation on the roof.