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Lackawanna, NY  Metal Roof

1920s Metal Building Roof Restoration | Lackawanna

This building has a metal roof that had lasted almost 100 years with little more than various roof coatings applied as a quick fix remedy for extending the life of this building. It worked for many years until coatings alone were not enough to stop the consistant leaks and tennant complaints.

The owner had called another Buffalo based roofing company to look at the roof and make recommendations as to what the best solution to make this metal roof watertight.  The roofing contractor that installs many "traditional" roofing systems had only ONE answer for the owner.  Call United Thermal Systems and have them spray a foam roof!  He advised the owner that foam is a seamless spray-applied roofing system that would completely seal all of the loose fasteners and permanently stop all leaks.

UTS visited the site, inspected the roofing and agreed that the SPF roofing system was the best solution for this project.  After personalizing a proposal to meet the owner's budgets, the project began in earnst.

This roof has a very steep slope, (8:12), and required special safety measures to meet OSHA Fall Protection standards and our company's own stringent safety requirements.  All workers utilized safety harness and lanyards that were attached directly to a steel cable horizontal lifeline installed at the peak of the roof while working on this project. 

The roofs received a 1" thick seamless layer of spray applied GACO Western closed-cell polyurethane foam and two heavy coats of GACO Acrylic elastomeric roof coating.  This is the same roofing system that was applied to another building (125,000 s/f) on the same property in 1984, and has been performing flawlessly for almost 30 years without requiring any maintenance work, and has never has a single leak..

The tennant and the owner are both very pleased not to have water dripping into the building ultimately destroying finished product, and with the preparation and performance of UTS's "TEAM" of workers.