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American Legion Post, Wheatfield

American Legion Post - Wheatfield

The Post needed a new roof and began looking at various roofing systems and companies for their roof replacement.  The Legion selected five roofing contractors that installed EPDM and other roofing systems and asked them to provide a quote for the re-roofing project.

United thermal Systems was one of the contractors selected to provide a quote because the foam roofing system was "new" to them and they liked what they heard from another of UTS's customers, and also what they saw on our website about the SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam). 

The Legion post had two different roofing systems in-place; One was an old tar & gravel Built-Up roof, and the other was a Fully-Adhered EPDM rubber roof.  The Built-up roof had many blisters and cracks at all edges and had been repaired many times with Karnak patching cement.  The EPDM rubber roof had seams that were coming apart and had some repairs due to previous damages.  The metal edge fascia was installed incorrectly on the lower roofs by the previous roofer and needed to be either repaired or replaced.  The upper fascia was rusted and although it was watertight, it presented an eyesore.

The roofs were repaired prior to the foam installation using NRCA and SPFA roofing methods. Both the Built-up roof and the EPDM then received 1-1/2" thick closed-cell spray-applied foam on the main roof surface.  The parapet walls received 1" thick foam to permanently seal the walls, and additional foam was added in the low areas of the roof to eliminate "ponded" water.  The foam then received two coats of silicone weather-barrier coating. Finally, ceramic roofing granules were embedded into the top layer of wet silicone for extended wear protection.  UTS was able to save the existing edge fascia by spraying the top with 1/2" foam and coatings, providing a permanent "seal".  The upper fascia was power wire-brushes, primed and coated with silicone.

Since no fascia had to be replaced, the Post was able to also save money on this item also.

The Post was VERY happy with the end result of the SPF roofing.  The also were VERY happy because the foam roof cost was considerably "Less Expensive" than what the other roofers had proposed.  They are also looking forward to reduced Air-Conditioning and Heating bills in the future (30% to 50% Less) due to the energy saving propertied of the sprayed foam..