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Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Holy Trinity Church, Buffalo | New Energy Efficient Roof

Trinity Lutheran Church on Main Street, Buffalo, NY had for several years been fighting with leaks and high energy bills and were seeking a way to resolve these issues at a cost that wouldn't drain the Church's meager budgets.

The Facilities Manager, John Busch had heard from another of United Thermal Systems customers, (Delaware Towers), that they were extremely pleased with the performance of the new foam roof installed on their facility a year earlier as well as the professionalism of the installing crews from UTS.

John received quotes for othe types of roofing sysems and found the GACO foam and Coatings roof offerd by UTS not only to be very competitive (substantially less expensive), but the foam offered many benefits the other roofing systems could not, seamless application, no fasteners to penetrate the deck, no costly roof removals, etc.

Spray foam was applied to the entire roof surface at 1.5" thick adding an additiona R-Value of 10.5.  Additional foam was applied in the low areas where the water was a constant "ponding" problem and custom made spray foam "crickets" were added, forcing the water to the drains to eliminate the standing water.  Two coats of silicone were then added and 3M Co. cermaic roofing granules were embedded into the top layer of coating for extened wear protection.

In addition to the foam roof that was installed on (5) roofs on the Chapel, Gaco 95% solids S-2000 elastomeric silicone roof coating was applied to (5) additional roofs on the main church consisting of Granulated Modified Bitumen and EPDM rubber for waterproofing.  The church is planning on installing the S-2000 GACO roof coating on the Main EPDM roofs at the church when their budgets allow.

The Facilities Director and the Pastor were very pleased with the completed roofing system and complimented UTS on the professionalism and thoroughness of the roofing crews.