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Eldred PA - WWII Museum

World War II Museum, Eldred, PA

Eldred, PA is a quaint town in Northern PA and it has one of the most unique WWII History Museums in the country.  The museum has artifacts, uniforms, and military displays from all branches of the US Armed Forces, (including a "submarine" section with a working periscope), that relate to World War II.  The exhibits are dispersed throughout this very large building and is truly a destination worth visiting.

Unfortunately, when this building was constructed, (about the same period as WWII), no insulation was used in any of the concrete block walls.  The single pane glass windows also presented a problem with the loss of energy, and Ultra Violet rays from the sun passing through the windows were discoloring and fading the antique uniforms,books and maps that are on display in several exhibits.

The owner's of the museum had planned on insulating the exterior of the building and then installing a new metal panel skin over the insulation.  They had hired another spray foam contractor to spray the foam insulation but the contractor backed-out of the contract because they did not have a cold weather formulation of spray-foam.  The museum became concerned as winter was rapidly approaching and they had no way to seal this building. They did a web-search and contacted United Thermal Systems looking for a solution.  UTS had "winter-grade" closed-cell foam at their warehouse (allowing them to apply the foam as low as 35 deg. F. ).  United Thermal Systems was contracted to spray the foam and was able to complete the project in three days, allowing for the completion of the renovation of the museum.

The spray applied foam was able to follow the contour of the exterior of the building with a seamless application of insulation.  The foam was sprayed to concrete block walls, single pane glass, hollow glass blocks, metal doors, over plywood (where old HVAC units were removed), and also between wood studs located at the top of the block walls to seal the walls from the heat/cold.

This project was completed in late November of 2012 and the museum is excited that they will have a considerably lower heating and air conditioning bill for the non-profit museum, as well as protecting their displays from the damaging sun rays.  They were grateful that UTS was able to respond so quickly and complete the job in such a timely manner.