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Buflovak Buffalo, NY

Buflovak's old Modified Bitumen roofing was in need of replacement due to old age and water was leaking into the building.

The plant manager had used the spray foam system in the past on both roofing and old fiberglass wall panels and felt very comfortable specifying the spray foam roofing system.  He knew that the foam could be sprayed to all surfaces no matter what the angles were including vertical surfaces.

Since the area below the roof was a non-heated section of the plant, insulation was not their major concern.  One inch of sprayed foam was applied to the roof surface after preparation to make the roofs watertight.  The foam was then coated with two coats of elastomeric silicone and finally quartz crystal granules were embedded into the top layer of coating.

The owner is now enjoying another sprayed-foam roof and its watertight benefits.