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City of Buffalo Schools (Interior Foam Project)

City of Buffalo Schools (Interior Insulation Project)

Three of the oldest schools in the Buffalo School District system had no insulation and a considerable amount of heat loss through the brick walls and concrete plank ceilings in the attics was costing the City many thousands of dollars in energy bills every year and they knew they had to do something to reduce their energy bills.

They investigated many methods of insulating these schools and determined that Spray Foam insulation was the only insulation available to meet the unorthodox surfaces, elevation changes, and application requirements. 

The concrete plank ceilings received 4" thick open-cell spray foam insulation and the brick exterior walls received 1" thick closed-cell spray foam insulation and air-barrier.  To meet NYS Building Code requirements, the foam was sprayed with a white Intumescent "Thermal Barrier" coating.

The entire process was performed while school was in session and no disruption of classes or activities were involved during the insulation process.  The school district was so pleased with the spray foam application that they are investigation the feasability of its use at other schools in the district.


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