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Delaware Towers
Buffalo, NY

Delaware Towers, Buffalo, NY

Delaware Towers is an upscale apartment complex located in the highly desired area of Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY.  They had a major problem with their 20 year old roof leaking due to seam failure and where fasteners puncturing the membrane where the insulation had gotten wet and collapsed.

The owner's knew this project would be difficult for any roofing company.  A    complete removal of the entire roofing and insulation was required.  To complicate matters, the roof was located above the 17th floor, well over 200' off of the ground.  Access was severly restricted for materials, equipment and personnel.

The owner's researched many roofing systems and finally chose the SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing system to replace their aging roof.  Some of the many reasons for their choice was cost (foam roofing was less than 1/2 of the cost of other systems), ability to withstand 180 MPH winds (when sprayed direct to concrete), and the ultra-high R-Value of the spray foam.  Since the only equipment required to replace this roof were hoses that were pulled-up from the ground to the roof, it eliminated the typical large equipment required by other roof systems.

During the re-roofing process, only enough existing roofing material was removed and replaced (with spray foam and silicone base coating) on a daily basis, guaranteeing that no water would enter the building at any time.   The owner also had two old skylights that always leaked whenever it rained.  These skylights were also sprayed with foam to make them watertight.  When the entire roof was foamed and base coated, a second layer of silicone coating was applied and finally a layer of quartz crystal granules embedded into the top layer of coating to complete the roofing process.

The owner now has a roofing system that is guaranteed to withstand the harshest weather elements, save energy, and should protect the building a lifetime (with mainenance and re-coating approximately every 20 years)!