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Harvest House Ministries
Buffalo, NY


Harvest House Ministries New Hope Education Center expansion project located at 175 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo, NY converted a 12,000 S/F warehouse into new classroom areas for training and education of underpriviliged youth.  It also the home to the Good Neighbors Health Center, a totally free health clinic providing primary care, vision exams, chiropractic and dental care.

Bliss Construction was the Construction Manager on this remodeking and reconstruction project.  Bliss recommended to the owner's to use the spray-applied foam and coatings roofing system to add more R-Value to the building as well as its lightweight and seamless properties.

This building had an existing E.P.D.M. rubber roof that was held in-place with large rock stones.  The rubber roof seams were separating and the roofing system was allowing water into the proposed new construction space.  The rock ballast was vacuumed off of the roof, a moisture resistant underlayment board was mechanically fastened over the existing roofing system, 1.5" thick closed-cell Gaco Western roofing foam was sprayed and finally two coats of Gaco Western elastomeric silicone coating was applied.  While the top layer of coating was still wet, a layer of quartz crystal granules were embedded into the coating for extended wear protection.

In addition to the roofing project, the facility needed insulation on the "interior" side of the exterior walls.  Spray foam was chosen for this application as it provides an "air-barrier" as well as insulation.  All exterior walls were sprayed with 2" thick;    2 lb. density Gaco Western interior closed-cell polyurethane foam and a white Intumescent "Thermal Barrier" coating was applied over all exposed foam.

This facility will enjoy the energy savings that spray polyurethane foam insulation  provides for the "Life of the Structure".