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TAM Ceramics
Niagara Falls, NY

TAM Ceramics, Niagara Falls, NY

The owner of this 7,500 s/f building faced a catastrophic failure of the existing fully-adhered EPDM rubber roofing system after a freak April storm hit the Niagara Falls area with winds exceeding 85 MPH.  The roofing material ripped away from the concrete deck exposing the equipment and materials stored below to moisture.

The owner ultimately chose the Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing System (SPF) due to its ability to provide greater insulation, a 120 MPH wind uplift manufacturer's warranty, no seams to fail under extreme conditions, no fasteners to penetrate the concrete decking, the energy savings derived from the insulation and the longevity of the roofing system.

The entire existing EPDM rubber roofing system had to be removed to the concrete substrate, the concrete was then primed with a water based epoxy, 2-1/2" thick foam, (R-17.5), and two layers of silicone elastomeric coating were applied.  A final step included ceramic roofing granules embedded into the top layer of coating.  New gutters and downspouts as well as fascia, cap flashing, and expansion joints were installed to complete this project.

The owner was very pleased with the outcome of the completed roofing system.  This was the first time they had ever chosen a foam roof for one of their buildings and have stated that they will use the foam roofing system for other building that they own in the future.

Foam Roofing Benefits:

  • No seams to fail (monolithic)
  • Ultra lightweight (reduces the load on your roof structure)
  • Highest R-Value of any insulation product available
  • UL & FM and Dade County Approvals
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings
  • Over 8 Million S/F of foam roofing has been installed in WNY