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Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

Project:  Mercy Hospital of Buffalo - Chestnut Ridge Family Practice

Project Size:  16,292 s/f

This facility had three types of roofing that had outlived their useful life and needed replacement.

 The owner chose to replace these roofs with SPF Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing due to its insulation properties and seamless application and because this system did not require removal of the existing roofing to complete the installation.  The owner also has a comfort level with foam roofing as they have large portions of the main hospital in South Buffalo that have had foam roofing installed for over 20 years with no leaks or problems.

The roof surfaces were prepared by vacuuming the old "river- rock" stone ballast from the roof, pressure washing the surface, mechanically fastening and priming the old EPDM rubber roofing. The BUR (Built-Up-Roofing) area preparations were wet-vacuuming the roof surface to remove the dirt and gravel from the existing roofing and fixing felt blisters.  A total of 1-1/2" thick foam was applied over all areas of the existing roofing to add an additional R-10.5 to the insulation of the building prior to applying two coats of elastomeric silicone roof coating and ceramic roofing granules.  The foam was also applied to the parapet walls where the mortar joints were deteriorating to permanently sealing them.

The owner received a 10-Year Manufacturer's "Systems" warranty (100% Labor and Materials, not pro-rated, NDL)