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Elderwood in Tioga, NY

Elderwood Nursing Home, Tioga, NY

Project:  Elderwood Nursing Home - Tioga, NY

Project Size:  2,600 s/f

Tioga County Hospital was adjacent to the Elderwood Nursing facility and was being torn down due to structural problems with the hospital building.  The upper two stories of the building were removed leaving and exposed concrete floor which became the new roof surface for the receiving area of the nursing home and required a roofing system installation to make the building watertight. 

 The owner chose SPF Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing due to its insulation properties and seamless application.  A water based epoxy was applied to the concrete surface to provide greater adhesion of the sprayed foam. The old concrete floor had large crevices where the hospital walls once stood. Sprayed foam filled these holes to bring the deck surface to "level" prior to the balance of foam application being applied.  A total of 2-1/2" thick foam was applied over all areas of the concrete decking to add an R-17 to the insulation of the building.  Additional foam was sprayed to "taper" the roof to provide positive water drainage where the flat floor area once was. 

Other problems that needed to be solved were the sealing of 4' high walls that were once building walls and a "tie-in" and sealing where the roof adjoined a 10 story high existing building wall.  The parapets walls were sprayed with foam to seal and insulate the walls and new metal cap flashing was added to the top of the wall.

 The foam was also applied to the parapet walls where the mortar joints were deteriorating to permanently sealing them.  Once all of the foam was applied, two coats of silicone elastomeric roof coating wand ceramic roofing granules were applied over the foam surfaces.

The owner received a 10-Year Manufacturer's "Systems" warranty (100% Labor and Materials, not pro-rated, NDL)