SPF Roof Coating Services For Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY Spray Foam Roof Contractors

SPF stands for "spray polyurethane foam." Essentially, a spray of insulating foam is applied to an area of your existing roof where it then expands. Unlike regular insulation, spray foam roofing contains no seams that can fail, effectively making it waterproof with a true thermal seal. It's also extremely dependable and requires minimal maintenance. In fact, so long as you examine the area twice a year, and reseal the insulation once every twenty years, you can expect your spray foam roofing to last the life of the building!

Why hire a Spray Foam Roofing Contractor?

The number one reason most businesses choose spray foam roofing is its cost-efficiency and reliability. You can find SPF insulation in several modern-day buildings, including industrial plants, government buildings, banks, hospitals, and universities. The roofing is expected to last the life of the building and serves as excellent insulation - after six years, it could pay for itself (depending on your previous level of insulation).

Need to Know More?

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