Erie, PA Spray Foam Roofing

Erie, PA Spray Foam Roofing

Looking to replace or improve the roof of your commercial building in the Erie, PA area, either because it is in need of repair or you simply want a more efficient roof? If so, you will want to upgrade to the best roofing product on the market: spray foam roofing. And in order to get the best spray foam roofing available, you should contact the premier installers of SPF roofing: United Thermal Systems.

The Advantages of SPF Roofing

SPF roofing is undeniably the best choice for commercial roofing for buildings in the Erie area. By applying spray foam roofing to your commercial building, you gain all of the following benefits:

  • Code Compliance - SPF roofing meets or exceeds of all of the federal, state, and local regulations for roof materials in commercial buildings
  • Long Life - Spray foam roofing will last indefinitely and only requires upkeep approximately every 20 years
  • Structural Durability - SPF roofing is highly resistant to weather damage and can support the weight of a full grown man easily, without buckling or cracking
  • Energy Savings - Spray foam roofing provides such excellent insulation that most businesses save as much as 50% on energy bills, especially during the summer and winter months
  • Fully Waterproofed - Because SPF roofing has no seams, it is 100% waterproof, which protects both your building from structural damage and everything inside the building from water damage caused by leaks
  • Easy to Repair - When SPF roofing is damaged, repairs are easy and fast to perform, requiring only a single spray of foam to fix

Erie, PA SPF RoofingChoosing United Thermal Systems as Erie Spray Foam Roofing Contractor

United Thermal Systems is the leader of SPF roofing installation in the Erie area. Our installation professionals are experts in their field, fully certified by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, and will install your new roofing quickly and efficiently. 

If your commercial building needs a new roof installed, contact United Thermal Systems today.