Acoustic Building Insulation

Available in Buffalo, NY

There are many things that can make industrial our workers completing spray foam acoustic insulationbuildings noisy, such as heavy machinery and large equipment operation. In Buffalo, NY especially, there are solutions to combat the noise, without disrupting the work that is being done. Let United Thermal Systems assist your building with acoustic insulation that will reduce noise. 

At United Thermal Systems we use K13 Spray-in-Place Insulation, which makes installations a breeze. K13 is a thermal barrier as well as acoustic, providing your building with great insulation. Once K13 is sprayed in place, it has a very attractive natural texture, as well as is naturally fire retardent. 

Benefits of Our Industrial Acoustic Insulation

  • Less noise
  • Less reverberation
  • Less unpleasant echos
  • Less noise for the surrounding outside region
  • Promotes better communication
  • Promotes concentration & production
  • Helps meet safety standards and requirements

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