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Industrial buildings are known to be noisy because of the use of large equipment and heavy machinery. At United Thermal Systems, we use K-13 Spray-in-Place Insulation which makes installation easy and fast. K13 has a great-looking natural texture, provides a thermal and acoustic barrier, and is flame retardant. 

Acoustic Insulation has many benefits besides noise reduction, it can help reduce echos, and even help improve communication and concentration. Everyone works better when there are no loud noises to distract them. Let United Thermal Systems help increase productivity and reduce noise. 


K-13 Insulation

K-13 has a high R-value, making it an efficient choice for thermal insulation. Of course, the added benefit for K-13 insulation is its acoustical insulation qualities. For loud facilities or industrial buildings, having insulation that reduces sound can be a huge benefit. 

Other Benefits of K-13 Insulation are: 

  • Durability: K-13 insulation does not need support to hold itself in place. Installation can last decades!
  • Color Options: Since this insulation is typically exposed, having the option to use many different colors is a great benefit which also helps match building colors or themes. 
  • Versatility: This foam can be sprayed onto any surface, which makes it extremely useful for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Since this insulation is made with 80% recycled materials, it is more eco-friendly than other forms of insulation. The adhesives don’t decrease indoor air quality. 

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